A law firm that understands legal and regulatory compliance for acupuncturists.

Jackson LLP’s healthcare attorneys help acupuncturists understand and comply with the regulatory and legal requirements imposed upon their profession. This compliance helps acupuncture practitioners limit their liability and streamline practice operations by maintaining comprehensive, practice-wide policies and procedures. Whether you operate as a solo practitioner or manage a large practice, our services are tailored to your specific needs, practice culture, and patient population.

Representative acupuncturist legal services might include:

  • Determining whether your acupuncture practice is required to comply with HIPAA’s patient privacy requirements;
  • Assessing your liability and providing guidance about insurance and risk alleviation;
  • Selling, acquiring, merging, or dissolving your acupuncture or holistic wellness practice;
  • Hiring another acupuncture provider or a healthcare practitioner from a different discipline;
  • Obtaining legally-sufficient informed consent from your patients;
  • Determining what patient information (photographs, names, etc.) can be shared to social media or in marketing materials, in compliance with Illinois’ restrictive biometric collection laws;
  • Understanding the boundaries of your scope of practice.

Jackson LLP also frequently helps clients understand how their scope of practice interplays with the work of other healthcare professionals, or helps them distinguish between skilled medical services that can be billed to insurance and wellness services that are not medically necessary. Our healthcare law firm also works with multidisciplinary groups of providers to determine how they can work together without violating their practice acts, self-referral laws, or fee-splitting prohibitions.

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