Alexandra Navratil, Attorney, Jackson LLP Healthcare Lawyers

Alexandra Navratil
Twitter: @healthcare_atty


J.D., DePaul University College of Law
M.S., DePaul University School of Public Service
M.A., Loyola University Chicago
B.A., Loyola University Chicago, cum laude

Alex Navratil is an associate attorney at Jackson LLP.

Licensed in Illinois
Fluent in Polish

A passionate attorney who enjoys the granular aspects of healthcare law, Alex brings a laser-sharp focus and enthusiastic attentiveness to our clients’ needs and concerns.

She focuses her practice on the compliance side of healthcare, having earned her Certificate in Health Care Law from DePaul University College of Law.

Before joining Jackson LLP, Alex worked as a contract analyst for a legal services firm that specializes in facilitating mergers and acquisitions for Fortune 500 companies. She enjoys working with clients to better understand their rights and responsibilities under the contracts implemented by their practices.

Her approach is reassuring and educational, and she boosts our clients’ negotiating power by ensuring they are equipped with a high-level knowledge of the contract they’re signing.

Alex also worked as a legislative consultant for a national medical professional association, where she wrote policy white papers about adopted resolutions and communicated with state legislators regarding legislation and regulations.

Outside of the office, Alex enjoys listening to history and true crime podcasts, attending some of Chicago’s phenomenal standup comedy shows, and cooking. She lives on the north side of Chicago.

Graduate Research & Publications

  • When Plaintiff’s Reclassify Testifying Expert Witnesses As Consultants, The Consultant’s Privilege Can Apply, IAHA Monthly Newsletter (May 2020)
  • Implied Consent to Blood Drawing is Only Applicable if Defendant is Under Arrest, IAHA Monthly Newsletter (May 2020)
  • Clear Showing and Express Waiver of Respondent’s Presence Must Be Met to Allow a Respondent to Be Absent from a Proceeding Under the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code, IAHA Monthly Newsletter, (June 2020)
  • Examining the Seventh Circuit’s Repudiation of the Transformative Fair Use Analysis: Keinitz v. Sconnie Nation, LLC, 27 DePaul J. Art Tech. & Intell. Prop. L.. 73 (2016).
  • Health is Wealth or Wealth is Health? Education and Health Outcomes: Impact and Implications
  • Maternal Education: Impact on Child Health and How it has Changed Morocco
  • HIV Exposure Laws as Poor Public Health Policy
  • Kids Having Kids: Adolescent Birth Rates in Chicago in Relation to Education and Poverty

Professional Associations

  • Illinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys, Communications Committee Member
  • American Health Lawyers Association

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