Solving chiropractors’ legal needs from A-Z.

As a full-service health law firm, Jackson LLP provides physicians – including chiropractors – with the legal services necessary to protect them from liability, maximize the efficiency of their practices, and ensure regulatory compliance with the myriad of healthcare laws.

Our lawyers guide chiropractors through the process of establishing comprehensive policies and procedures to address employment matters, HIPAA compliance, and corporate compliance. We also provide chiropractors with general counsel services, including regulatory compliance consulting and litigation management. Chiropractors may also turn to Jackson LLP for guidance about:

  • Licensure and disciplinary action proceedings (falling within the scope of our litigation management services to minimize impact on your practice)
  • Evaluating the chiropractic scope of practice and a chiropractor’s ability to employ or be employed by a physical therapist, acupuncturist, or medical doctor
  • Compliance with the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Stark Law
  • Opening a chiropractic practice, negotiating commercial leases for clinic space, and collaborating with other types of healthcare providers to offer interdisciplinary care environment to patients
  • Avoiding violations of fee-splitting prohibitions
  • Operating a cash-based practice while being mindful of Medicare laws and regulations

Compliance made simpler.

Jackson LLP understands the logistical burden that today’s web of regulatory and legal requirements imposes upon small and mid-sized healthcare practices. We aim to simplify the process of legal compliance by creating HIPAA policy manuals, employee handbooks, registration packets, and corporate governance documents which reflect your practice culture, streamline your compliance, and balance the need for compliance with your need for easy-to-reference materials.

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