Healthcare Attorney (2019-2020 grad)

We are seeking a junior healthcare attorney with 1-2 years of barred experience.

  • This is not an entry-level position for December 2020 or 2021 grads.
  • Part-time work will be considered for applicants unable to resume full-time work until regular school schedules resume in the fall.

Materials should be addressed to Erin Jackson, Managing Partner, and must include:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter detailing healthcare experience

About Us

Jackson LLP is a boutique healthcare firm with a client-centered ethos and friendly work environment. The firm’s work is 99% regulatory or transactional, and we do very little litigation.

The ideal candidate is attracted to Jackson LLP’s entrepreneurial culture and has a deep commitment to excellence in their work. They understand and appreciate the role of healthcare in societal and community health, including a recognition of healthcare as a human right, a thriving employer of millions, and a burgeoning area of law. Their interest in law is genuine, curious, and enthusiastic. They must understand the framework of the CFRs and the regulatory scheme that underscores much of the work of a regulatory healthcare attorney. Crucially, they must have an exceptional attention to detail.

Jackson LLP’s office has been remodeled specifically to offer exceptional COVID safety measures.

The attorney will be expected to work regular business hours but will not have a billable hour requirement. The firm offers a generous benefits package, including paid time off and bonuses.

Position Description


  • Provide legal support to clients including medical professionals, small- to mid-sized healthcare practices, and mHealth companies on licensure, scope of practice, regulatory compliance, and day-to-day business issues
  • Review employment contracts and negotiate contract terms on behalf of individual healthcare professionals, or represent established practice in contract negotiation with potential new employee
  • Draft employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, physician collaborative agreements, and other such documents in compliance with all applicable healthcare laws
  • Prepare clients’ HIPAA policies and procedures and advise clients on topics relating to HIPAA compliance
  • Advise clients both orally and in writing as to questions regarding the Anti-Kickback Statute, False Claims Act, Stark Law, EKRA, CMP, and related or state equivalent laws
  • Conduct consultation calls with potential clients wherein you will introduce them to the firm, assess their needs, and discuss next steps
  • Provide supportive, non-competitive, encouraging, and positive guidance and supervision to junior attorneys, law clerks, and administrative staff at the firm
  • Supervise and guide Jackson LLP’s junior attorneys and law clerks, including: assign projects, review projects prior to delivery to the client, critically analyze research findings and suggest next steps, and support their professional growth
  • Actively engage in continuing education about healthcare topics, including reading healthcare legal news, staying apprised of current events, and monitoring courts for health-related decisions impacting the firm’s clients


  • Work hours are approximately 8:00/8:30 until 5:30/6:00 each day with no billable hour requirement
  • Salary depends heavily upon experience and qualifications
  • Generous benefits package including health insurance, PTO, paid holidays, disability insurance
  • Work must be in-person at our Evanston office
  • Perfect for someone seeking to enjoy practicing law, working directly with clients, and maintaining a life outside of work


  • Actively barred in Illinois or eligible for immediate waive-in, with 1 or 2 years of experience as a barred attorney
  • Experienced in the preparation and negotiation of contracts
  • Experienced in regulatory and transactional work (not litigation)
  • Knowledge of health law, including federal and state laws, hospital and health care regulations, and knowledge of legal aspects of contract agreement negotiations, practices, and structures
  • Extremely detail-oriented and able to deliver error-free work to clients on tight deadlines
  • Able to effectively communicate challenging topics in a clear manner to both clients and those over whom you have supervisory responsibility at the firm
  • Friendly. Jackson LLP is a supportive firm that is committed to being a pleasant, mutually supportive, and warm work environment. Competitiveness is not fostered or tolerated.
  • Skilled at supervising and managing a diverse team of professionals who require highly variable levels of oversight
  • Geographic Requirement: The successful candidate resides or will reside within a 20-minute commute of the Evanston office.
  • Must be conscientious about and committed to maintaining social distancing and taking precautions throughout the COVID crisis
  • Be comfortable working from home should Illinois’ COVID cases experience a resurgence, with a quiet place to do so