Whether you’re big or small, whether your clients are people or pets, we can help.

Opening and operating a pharmacy

The attorneys at Jackson LLP help pharmacist clients with all aspects of pharmacy startup and operations. This might include helping pharmacists offer legally-compliant mail-order and delivery services to their customers, staying up-to-date with state and local pharmacy licensing requirements, and responding quickly to audits, DEA inquiries, or FDA inspections.

Our attorneys can guide you through the process of negotiating commercial leases and pharmacy infrastructure or security requirements, as well as practice acquisitions, sales, mergers, relocation, expansion, or restructuring. Pharmacists have relied upon Jackson LLP’s attorneys for assistance with integrating a wellness “clinic” into their pharmacy operations or offering pet-specific services to broaden their client base.

By implementing comprehensive compliance programs and ensuring that you obtain the maximum benefit from contracts into which you enter, Jackson LLP can help you to maintain your relationships with your vendors, wholesale suppliers, private label companies, and local business authorities. We’ll also guide you through the credentialing and recredentialing process. Jackson LLP also stays abreast of Rx-to-OTC transitions and the regulations concerning contraceptive prescribing practices.

For compounding pharmacies, we’ll provide guidance to those operating under Section 503(a) of the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act.

Special concerns

Jackson LLP offers specific guidance for pharmacists with special concerns. These issues might include medical marijuana dispensing, compounding pharmacy compliance, and veterinary pharmacy services.

Pharmacology and telemedicine, prescribing fraud, and more

With help from Jackson LLP’s attorneys, pharmacists can learn how to avoid risks and common pitfalls for electronically-submitted prescriptions. Understand the parameters of guidance that pharmacists can offer over the phone or through online chat functions.

We can also help your pharmacy implement policies and procedures to manage and limit your risk of filling fraudulent prescriptions or disclosing patient information to the wrong party. As pain medication regulations continue to evolve in response to the opioid epidemic, we will also help ensure that you remain compliant with your ethical, professional, and legal responsibilities.

Supporting pharmacists employed by retail pharmacies

Entrepreneurs aren’t our only pharmacy clients! The vast majority of pharmacists do not own their own pharmacies, but many of them still rely upon Jackson LLP’s guidance to negotiate their employment contract with a retail, supermarket, or franchised pharmacy. We also help these pharmacists to navigate their responsibilities under laws like “Any Willing Provider” (or “Any Authorized Provider”) statutes, Stark Laws, Anti-Kickback Statutes, the False Claims Act, and ERISA. Finally, we help them to better understand insurance regulations, Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare regulations, and Prompt Pay Laws.

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