Fitness services share similarities with physical therapy: they are sometimes governed by state laws outlining the scope of your responsibilities and they carry a risk of injury to the client.

Moreover, as more fitness services move out of studios and gyms and onto screens, the legal issues can become more complex. Thus, it can be helpful and reassuring to consult a healthcare attorney who understands the current landscape.

If you’re a licensed healthcare professional operating in the fitness space or a technology company needing guidance on healthcare law, read on to learn about some of the services we offer.

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Practice Management

  • Understanding the scope of your responsibilities versus the scope of a physical therapist’s or massage therapist’s practice, ensuring that you do not encroach on their professional responsibilities.
  • Knowing what to do if a client is injured under your care.
  • Knowing when you should refer a client to a physician or physical therapist.  What injuries can you manage under your current license?
  • Negotiating your contracts and help you develop relationships that support your professional growth.

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