Jackson LLP relies upon patient experience and legal requirements when crafting your intake forms.

Jackson LLP attorney Erin Jackson battled chronic pain for a decade — a journey she has blogged about and frequently discusses at healthcare conferences. Believing that intake forms are an important first impression for all patients who visit your healthcare practice, Erin creates intake forms with each unique practice’s focus, providers, and patients in mind.

Jackson LLP’s registration packets reflect Erin’s knowledge and skills as a healthcare attorney as well as her experience as a patient for nearly a decade. They importantly reflect the inherently subjective and dynamic experience of illness, pain, or dysfunction.

Informed consent, privacy practices, minor patients, and more.

The format of the questions in your registration packet should mirror the format and organization of the conversations you have with your patients. These should be open-ended inquiries which demonstrate your concern for the patient’s priorities, and they should also include non-medicalized discussions of their current and desired level of health or function.

Performing a “deep dive” into your patient’s health history can help you achieve better outcomes and higher satisfaction among your patients.  Jackson LLP’s attorneys believe that the registration packet is the first step in a long, ongoing conversation about your patient’s health. This conversation continues indefinitely or until the day that they are discharged from your care.

Registration packets or intake forms drafted by our healthcare attorneys will contain the legally required elements, like the Notice of Privacy Practices and an informed consent acknowledgment.  They include the necessary language about minor patients, and they will address profession-specific issues. For example, it is often important for physical therapists to distinguish between their skilled therapy services and wellness services.

We will prepare these forms after learning about your healthcare entity’s climate and culture, and we will provide you with guidance about implementing them at your practice.

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