Hire, Fire, Compensate, and Manage Your Workforce Within the Confines of the Law

Maybe you’re a healthcare startup looking to hire a part-time employee. Or maybe you’re an established practice in need of guidance for your existing workforce.  The attorneys at Jackson LLP work closely with healthcare providers, practices, and businesses to optimize their employment relationships through proper contracting, labor and wage law compliance, thorough policies and procedures, and appropriate hiring and termination practices.

Our healthcare employment services often include:

  • Workforce policies and procedures manual (“employee handbook”)
  • Internal policies to govern hiring and firing practices
  • Nondiscrimination policies (including provisions to specifically address nondiscrimination in healthcare requirements, such as the prohibitions contained in the Affordable Care Act)
  • Employee and independent contractor distinctions
  • Fee-splitting prohibitions for healthcare professionals
  • Shared practice space and renting clinic rooms (relationships which can sometimes be construed as independent contractor or business associate relationships)

Healthcare Employment Laws

Your business faces many of the same employment law requirements as any other. For example, you need employment policies and procedures. You may also need help distinguishing between an employee and an independent contractor. But because of the heightened regulatory compliance burdens imposed upon healthcare providers, your employee relationships are also governed by HIPAA, state medical privacy laws, or professional licensure requirements.

Jackson LLP’s healthcare attorneys advise clients about the necessary confidentiality contracts, workforce training, employee hiring and termination procedures, and contract negotiation. It’s crucial that healthcare employment relationships also contemplate the employee’s potential loss of professional licensure, the parties’ responsibilities for maintaining appropriate licensure, regulatory registration requirements, and fee-splitting prohibitions.

To ensure that your healthcare employment practices are compliant with the applicable healthcare and employment laws, Jackson LLP’s attorneys will work closely to understand your clinic’s culture, workforce structure, and risk profile. To learn about how our services might help you practice with less stress, reach out today for a free consultation.

Litigation management for practices facing healthcare employment lawsuits.

When a large hospital system is faced with a lawsuit, the hospital’s in-house legal team frequently hires outside litigation attorneys to represent them in the case. The in-house attorneys are responsible for coordinating discovery, communicating with the client and practice, navigating HIPAA issues that arise, and implementing appropriate policies and procedures if required by a settlement or court order. Unfortunately, healthcare employment relationships are a common source of lawsuits.

We serve as “outside in-house counsel” for our clients. This alleviates much of the stress brought on by litigation, as we work closely with the litigation attorneys. We have healthcare business litigation attorneys with whom we work regularly, and we typically rely upon their counsel when our clients face lawsuits. Learn more about our litigation management services here.

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