Minimizing the impact of litigation so you can focus on your practice.

Avoiding litigation is our top priority.

Litigation is stressful and expensive, and we work hard to help our clients avoid lawsuits. By implementing detailed policies and procedures to govern your employment standards and privacy practices, maintaining properly formed corporate entities, and ensuring that agreements are memorialized in contracts, many lawsuits can be avoided. But sometimes, litigation becomes necessary to resolve a dispute, whether that’s with a patient or a business associate. 

Healthcare business litigation.

Our attorneys bring complex litigation experience to the firm, having represented large corporations and insurance companies in high-dollar lawsuits. This experience makes us a valuable asset to our clients involved in or contemplating litigation. Our litigation department is dedicated to minimizing the impact of litigation on your practice operations while advocating for your best interests in court. 

Our litigation services reflect our A-to-Z approach.

When we represent you in business litigation, we will become familiar with your practice’s policies and procedures governing employment, privacy, and patient care — just to name a few. Jackson LLP’s attorneys will evaluate your entire practice and create or modify your policies and procedures to fill gaps in existing practice management, thus minimizing the risk of future litigation. If you’re facing a business dispute or other situation which may result in litigation, we typically begin by reviewing all pertinent documentation and evidence, and providing immediate evidence-retention guidance.

Our goal? To simplify the litigation experience and minimize its impact on your practice.

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