Jackson LLP loves working with veterinarians and others who care for animals (like canine physical therapists!) to help ensure their compliance with the complex web of laws and regulations imposed upon their profession.  Our office pup Crosby will even greet you at the door when you stop by for meetings!

Jackson LLP’s healthcare-focused attorneys are ready to help you establish your veterinary clinic, merge with an existing practice, modify your clinic’s leadership or ownership, and dissolve or sell your practice when you’re ready for retirement.  We can establish veterinarians’ corporate entities – whether that’s an LLC, corporation, partnership, or something different – and guide you through the steps of ensuring your regulatory compliance, limiting your liability, hiring your team, and more.

Some of Jackson LLP’s veterinary legal services that you may find helpful include:

  • Commercial real estate build-out, lease, and/or contract negotiation and review;
  • Employment matters (hiring, firing, training, retention)
  • Trademark of your name or logo
  • FDA compliance
  • Liability guidance and risk assessment
  • Informed consent to procedures and services
  • Charity care programs

We also offer veterinary-specific legal services that include general counsel services, litigation management, scope of practice guidance, and pharmaceutical regulation compliance. Our attorneys would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our practice and learn about yours. Schedule your free consultation today!

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