DMEPOS lawyers, addressing legal and regulatory compliance from A to Z.

The healthcare attorneys at Jackson LLP understand the unique legal and regulatory issues affecting Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers, and we are poised to support your business with its legal needs. Our lawyers can help DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment and Prosthetics/Orthotics suppliers) with legal issues including:

DME companies may approach Jackson LLP with varied questions, including:

  • What financial relationship can a DME company maintain with a physician, sleep center, physical therapist, or other healthcare providers?
  • What Medicare compliance, enrollment, and claims submission burdens are imposed upon DME suppliers?
  • What is the best corporate structure for a DME company, and what corporate governance and corporate compliance policies must DME suppliers maintain?
  • What requirements govern my company’s fee schedule?
  • Can I maintain a written referral agreement with a nursing facility or hospital’s medical director?
  • I’ve heard that whistleblower lawsuits are common for DME companies. How can I avoid being the subject of a qui tam case?

Jackson LLP’s healthcare lawyers can prepare your HIPAA and patient privacy policies and procedures to ensure your compliance with state and federal patient privacy requirements. We can perform a comprehensive required risk assessment, and we will walk you through the process of remedying issues before a breach occurs. Our attorneys also draft DME companies’ corporate compliance manuals, policies for financial arrangements with sleep labs or centers, and employee handbooks.

DMEPOS companies are uniquely positioned, as a result of their relationships with many types of healthcare providers, for Stark Law or Anti-Kickback Statute violations. Our attorneys can work with your ownership, decisionmakers, and staff to ensure top-to-bottom compliance with these punitive laws.

In addition to our litigation management services, Jackson LLP also offers audit management services. DME suppliers are very frequent targets of Medicare audits, and these services ensure that you receive the highest-quality defense while our firm works collaboratively with you to guide your ongoing compliance.

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