The laws governing telehealth (or telemedicine) are changing rapidly — but Jackson LLP’s Chicago healthcare attorneys are on it!

Do you feel like your patient no-show rate would fall dramatically if you could “see” your patients via Skype or FaceTime instead of in your office? When considering whether to add telehealth to your professional services offerings, Jackson LLP will first evaluate whether such services are permitted by your practice act and ethical requirements. We can then help you to evaluate the unique risks and liabilities of telehealth, and the rapidly evolving legal landscape affecting this type of healthcare service.

Telehealth laws are changing by the minute. Let us keep up for you.

Jackson LLP’s Chicago healthcare attorneys can help you prepare for the questions that inevitably arise when you allow your patients to visit you electronically:

  • Do I have to tell the insurance company that this was a telehealth visit, not an in-person visit?
  • Can I charge the same amount for a telehealth visit as an in-person visit?
  • What privacy concerns impact telemedicine? Does HIPAA or the Illinois medical privacy laws prohibit or permit me to exchange sensitive medical information this way?
  • What services can I use for telehealth visits (i.e., Skype, Google, etc.)?
  • What patient consent forms are required before a telehealth visit?
  • What if I think that the patient needs to be seen in-person, but the patient is only available for an electronic visit?
  • Can I prescribe medications or provide referrals to patients who I’ve only seen via telemedicine?
  • Am I ever required to see a patient in-person before seeing them for telehealth visits?
  • Can I see telehealth patients in different cities / states / countries?

All of the benefits of telehealth with none of the worry.

The attorneys at Jackson LLP work with healthcare providers to understand their legal and ethical responsibilities as they relate to the use of telemedicine. While these services are very popular with patients, they also present potential challenges for providers. By creating appropriate practice policies, requiring patients to provide legally sufficient consent to these services, and understanding the limitations of telehealth visits, Jackson LLP’s lawyers can help you integrate them into your practice without worry.

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