Jackson LLP’s healthcare attorneys address their clients’ concerns about professional, personal, and corporate liability head-on. Our lawyers start with a conversation about the healthcare provider or entity’s perceived risks:

  • Do you fear medical malpractice allegations?
  • Are you concerned that missteps in your business could jeopardize your significant personal assets?
  • Do you worry that a disgruntled former employee may file an unemployment claim or discrimination complaint?

These are all reasonable concerns; you worked hard to reach this point, and you want to protect that work. That’s where we come in.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario.

While we can’t stop bad things from happening, we can help prepare you for potential mishaps. Whether a patient falls on an icy patch in your parking lot or a provider is accused of contributing to a patient’s delayed diagnosis, there are insurance policies and corporate entities that can help insulate your practice. We always recommend working with a knowledgeable insurance broker as you seek to properly insure your business.

Many healthcare providers call Jackson LLP with a simple request: “Can you help me form an LLC to protect myself from liability? I want to open my own practice.” Unfortunately, liability is a more complex, nuanced topic for healthcare providers. Because the individual is the one with a professional license, an LLC often provides more limited liability protection than these inquirers know. Our healthcare lawyers start at the beginning and develop a comprehensive risk profile and plan for each client.

Understand the different types of insurance.

Jackson LLP’s attorneys provide all liability guidance and recommendations in writing. This ensures that our clients can refer to them when consulting with an insurance broker, accountant, or other professional. We help healthcare providers understand the distinctions between their professional liability and their general commercial liability. Importantly, we also provide advice about so-called “corporate formalities.” These are the steps you must take to ensure that you can benefit from the liability protections offered by your corporate entity (LLC or corporation, for example).

Our attorneys are ready to guide you through the process of identifying prospective risks and taking steps to protect your business. Schedule your free consultation below.

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