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COVID-19, data privacy concerns, nationwide Medicare scams, and the rise of practice models such as telehealth and concierge medicine have fueled interest in healthcare law topics.

Jackson LLP welcomes inquiries from journalists, professional associations, and industry bloggers. The firm’s co-founders, Connor D. Jackson and Erin K. Jackson, value opportunities to educate the public through media interviews and guest author contributions.

Connor D. Jackson

Connor has contributed articles to GoodTherapy, WebPT, PPS Impact Magazine, Chicago Medical Magazine, ASDS Currents, and the American Bar Association. He has also given media interviews to Bloomberg Law, Fundera, The Outline, and Dice.

Erin K. Jackson

Erin’s public speaking appearances include numerous industry conferences and meetings across the country. She has contributed articles to Massage and Fitness Magazine, Chicago Medical Magazine, TherapyNotes, and PPS Impact Magazine.

During the height of the Jussie Smollett scandal in Chicago, Erin spoke to the CBS affiliate about the HIPAA breach that ensued from hospital staffers’ unauthorized access to Smollett’s medical records. In an NBC Chicago segment, she weighed in on potential legal issues for businesses who ask for proof of COVID-19 vaccinations. WTHR-TV in Indianapolis interviewed Erin about the federal case against Walgreens for improper disposal of confidential health data.

In addition to her television interviews, she has served as a source for dozens of digital and print outlets, including Health, Law360, Forbes, Lifehacker, Verywell Health, and Medical Economics.

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