Your first and only stop for physical therapy legal and regulatory compliance.

We create clinic policies and procedures for our clients that present the fluid and complex details of their practice in a manageable, easy-to-reference format.

  • Distinguishing between physical therapy and performance services, which is important for scope of practice, billing, and liability insurance purposes (to name a few)
  • Navigating changes in legislation affecting dry needling and other modalities
  • Understanding the differences between what the law allows or requires you to do and what your patients’ insurance will pay you to do
  • Clarifying the referral process: who can write one? when do you need one? what types of diagnoses qualify for PT referral? when do you need to refer a patient back to their physician?
  • Ensuring you know how to properly supervise PTAs, PT clinical students, and interns

The legal side of your business.

The business side of healthcare has become increasingly complex in recent years. We streamline and simplify your processes, educate you about your requirements, and handle the details for you — allowing you to focus on your patients.

  • Open a cash-based physical therapy practice: understand the interplay of that practice model with Medicare, private insurers, and your scope-of-practice restrictions.
  • Let us create comprehensive, easy-to-use HIPAA, privacy, and security policies and procedures for your practice. The requirements have changed substantially, and many clients have hired us to create workable policies that will protect them against a HIPAA audit.
  • Trademark or copyright your business name or logo.
  • Merge, purchase, or sell a physical therapy practice, add a new business partner, or modify your existing ownership shares.
  • Understand your obligations under Medicare, whether you’re a participating or non-participating provider.  Who can and can’t you treat? What about the therapy cap?
  • Organize other business ventures within your practice: your podcast, your continuing education business, or your fitness training offerings may need their own legal entities, insurance, or corporate governing documents.  We can sort out the details for you.
  • Receive registered agent services (free for IPTA members or #PTDayOfService participants) and have us handle your annual corporate filings.

Our passion for PT.

We deeply appreciate and respect the field of physical therapy, which has had a transformative effect on Erin‘s life. Moving from chronic pain and disability to achieve health and athleticism, Erin relied upon her PT’s knowledge, skill, and empathy. And she recovered. In that recovery, she found a passion (moving healthcare forward), and we found the focus of our firm: the healers + hope dealers.

“Physical therapy saved my life.”
— Erin Jackson, Managing Partner

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