Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy clients often have questions about their scope of practice and how it interplays with other professions’ practices — for example, how they are to distinguish between their work and the practice of physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, or athletic training. Jackson LLP has also helped multidisciplinary care teams determine creative ways to work together as differently-licensed providers, and we have similarly helped providers avoid non-compliant practice arrangements that violate their practice acts, self-referral laws, or fee-splitting prohibitions.

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Physical Therapy

The business side of healthcare has become increasingly complex in recent years. We streamline and simplify your processes, educate you about your requirements, and handle the details for you — allowing you to focus on your patients. We might help you open a cash-based physical therapy practice, ensuring that you understand the interplay of that practice model with Medicare, private insurers, and your scope-of-practice restrictions, or we may guide you through your practice’s merger, sale, or dissolution.

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Speech Language Pathology

Jackson LLP’s healthcare attorneys can create documents and provide guidance to streamline your speech therapy practice’s operations. For example, our lawyers can: develop a communication enhancement services policy that obtains your patients’ informed consent to receiving services that are unlikely to be covered by their insurance, not medically necessary, and entirely elective, or help you determine whether a SLP can co-own a practice with another type of healthcare provider, be employed by a different type of healthcare provider, or employ a different type of healthcare provider.

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