A full-service law firm for speech therapists.

The healthcare attorneys at Jackson LLP work with speech therapists to support their small- to mid-sized practices. Our lawyers can help ensure that you are obtaining legally sufficient informed consent from your patients, remaining compliant with HIPAA and state privacy requirements, and staying within your scope of practice. Here are just a few of the types of questions we can help you answer:

  • Do I need to obtain informed consent from my minor patients?
  • What information about my patient’s therapy can I provide to their school, parents, or other providers?
  • Can I operate a cash-based practice while treating Medicare beneficiaries?
  • Can I bill my patients’ insurance for communication enhancement services that are not medically necessary?
  • Can I employ an audiologist / SLP / speech therapist / physical therapist?

Jackson LLP’s healthcare attorneys can create documents and provide guidance to streamline your speech therapy practice’s operations. For example, our lawyers can:

  • Develop a communication enhancement services policy that obtains your patients’ informed consent to receiving services that are unlikely to be covered by their insurance, not medically necessary, and entirely elective.
  • Create your patient registration packet or intake forms.
  • Determine whether a SLP or speech therapist can co-own a practice with another type of healthcare provider, be employed by a different type of healthcare provider, or employ a different type of healthcare provider.
  • Provide scope of practice guidance.
  • Distinguish between your employees and independent contractors, helping you comply with IRS guidelines, fee-splitting prohibitions, and more.
  • Identify situations that may require you to collaborate with other types of healthcare providers to avoid exceeding your scope of practice.

Speech therapists may also rely upon Jackson LLP’s litigation management, general counsel, regulatory compliance, and advertising review services. Schedule your free attorney consultation online now.

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