Jackson LLP’s healthcare lawyers understand that the healthcare landscape has shifted its focus from volume-based to value-based in recent years, and the regulatory framework has become increasingly overwhelming for small- to mid-sized practices. Our attorneys provide healthcare entities without the need or budget for full-time, in-house counsel with the same benefit: a legal team that can creatively and comprehensively address your practice’s need to ensure regulatory compliance.

Proactive compliance programs, not reactive problem clean-up.

In the past, healthcare practices generally followed an “act now, hire legal counsel later” approach. Attorneys were called upon after mistakes had been made and asked to address the problem. However, the increasingly complex regulatory scheme imposed upon healthcare providers, paired with the requirements that they maintain written policies and procedures addressing some aspects of the law and regulations, defeats the continued utility of this approach. Healthcare entities are finding that there are problems their attorneys can’t clean up afterwards. Instead, they seek to avoid them in the first place.

That’s where Jackson LLP’s healthcare lawyers come in. Our focus is on helping those practices without full-scale legal teams manage full-scale compliance programs. Moreover, we seek to make that process as simple and painless as possible.

The in-house legal team solution for small healthcare entities.

Most hospitals and larger healthcare entities now maintain robust in-house counsel offices – a solution that is infeasible for smaller practices. Jackson LLP’s Chicago healthcare attorneys offer all of the same benefits, but without an on-site, in-office legal team. Our corporate counsel services give you peace of mind: your legal and compliance needs are looked after by healthcare attorneys who understand your practice’s culture and needs.

Jackson LLP’s corporate counsel services might include:

  • Perform HIPAA risk assessments when appropriate;
  • Structure compensation agreements for new employees or practitioners without violating Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statute, or fee-splitting prohibitions;
  • Oversee and document employee disciplinary sanctions;
  • Provide regular employee trainings in corporate compliance, patient privacy, and related topics;
  • Audit the practice’s compliance with its internal policies and procedures, identifying concerns before they become a problem;
  • Contract drafting and negotiation;
  • Real estate services, including lease negotiation and clinic build-outs;
  • Respond to subpoenas for patient health information;
  • Provide deposition representation for providers called to testify about their care of a patient or for providers serving as expert witnesses in ongoing litigation.

Our healthcare attorneys offer comprehensive litigation management services, full regulatory compliance services, practice registration packets, employment-related guidance, and more.

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