Contract review for physicians: from post-residency to late career

Jackson LLP’s attorneys have helped clients in many specialties, career stages, and job levels. We’ve also reviewed physician contracts from a wide range of employers, from independent physician groups to multi-state hospital systems, including:

  • Acadia Healthcare
  • Advocate Aurora Health
  • Amita Health & Alexian Brothers Hospitals
  • Benchmark Hospitalists
  • Cayuga Health Systems
  • Endeavor Health
  • Kindred Hospitals
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • MedStar Health
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • NorthShore Medical Group
  • Northwell Health
  • Northwestern Medicine
  • NYU Langone Health
  • OSF HealthCare
  • Rush University Medical System
  • Swedish Hospital
  • Trinity Health
  • UW Health & University of Wisconsin Hospitals
  • Regional, specialty, safety net, and critical access hospitals

We review contracts for doctors seeking efficient yet personalized guidance on employment offers. For those who want to use the full power of a healthcare lawyer, we also offer contract negotiation and drafting services.

Why hire an attorney for physician contract review?

Do-it-yourself contract review is much like do-it-yourself healthcare. With your sharp mind, years of education, and access to internet resources, you may believe that you don’t need an attorney’s help. And as you read the contract, you may grasp the essential content. Perhaps you can even catch some unfavorable terms on your own. 

But whereas you might decode much of what’s in an employment contract, you’re unlikely to know about essential protections that are missing. And in law, just as in medicine, even minute things can have enormous ramifications over the long run.

We’ve seen it too many times.

As healthcare lawyers, we recognize the traps. For example, we know how an extra word or a tiny omission can change the legal interpretation of a sentence. Such shades of meaning can determine the outcome of litigation and devastate your future options. Therefore, we root out loopholes, vagueness, and ambiguities that can spell trouble when things don’t go as you planned.

In addition, we anticipate situations that the employment contract might not address. When the future unfolds predictably, parties have little reason to argue. It’s when the unexpected happens that parties disagree about the conditions and obligations in the contract. An experienced attorney will stress-test the document with common “what-if” scenarios that you’re unlikely to consider.

The Value of Employment Contract Review

The price of a physician contract review is worth the peace of mind. And for some clients, the fee is a small fraction of the increased salary, benefits, insurance coverage, flexibility, or other resources that an employer might be willing to negotiate. In other cases, a well-written contract can help stave off lengthy disputes (and sizeable legal expenses) later on. We may even have previous experience negotiating with your prospective employer, and therefore know where your leverage and their areas of flexibility lie.

Remember, your prospective employer’s contract was written to protect the employer, not you. To safeguard your career and balance the scales, find an attorney who will look out for your interests. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how our experienced healthcare lawyers can help you start your new opportunity in Illinois, California, Wisconsin, New York, Texas, or Washington, D.C. with confidence.

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