Jackson LLP’s healthcare lawyers work with clients to maintain their compliance with the privacy, security, and breach notification components of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

Many small practices feel burdened by the regulatory requirements imposed by HIPAA, but Jackson LLP’s attorneys help make compliance feel manageable. We work with physical therapists and rehabilitation practices, physicians, health plans and benefits managers, mental health practices, digital health/HIT companies, pharmacists, and more.

From risk assessment to corrective actions: the HIPAA life-cycle.

The cornerstone of any HIPAA policies and procedures program is the practice’s risk assessment, which it should perform annually or whenever a security-impacting event occurs. When crafting a HIPAA policy for a client, Jackson LLP’s attorneys begin by gathering information about the client’s existing privacy and security protocols, EMR/EHR practices, employee controls and safeguards, and PHI (protected health information) use and disclosure methods. With that information, we can preliminarily assess the practice’s risk and begin drafting policies and procedures congruent with the practice’s culture, needs, and risks.

After our attorneys create a comprehensive HIPAA policy, we will provide you with a risk assessment. While some clients opt to perform their own risk assessment, many retain Jackson LLP to perform regular risk assessments on their behalf. To do this, Jackson LLP will examine the practice’s operations with respect to privacy and security issues. Next, our healthcare lawyers will offer workforce and management training to your team and help troubleshoot any potential sources of confusion. These steps can significantly decrease the likelihood of a breach and ensure that you have implemented privacy “best practices” in your healthcare facility.

If you have a HIPAA breach, we can work through the breach assessment and notification process. Jackson LLP will also help you implement corrective actions and involve additional legal counsel if necessary to navigate and minimize the impact of a breach.

Policies that impact how you practice.

The policies we create are usable, digestible, and manageable. Jackson LLP’s goal is to establish workable privacy policies and procedures that guide your day-to-day practice. Some of the topics our attorneys will address include:

  • PHI use and disclosure
  • Release of patient records
  • Destruction of PHI or electronics used to store or transmit PHI
  • Healthcare employee confidentiality agreements
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Exchange of text messages, emails, and voicemails with patients

In addition to addressing HIPAA’s requirements, Jackson LLP’s attorneys can help ensure that your practices are also compliant with state medical privacy requirements and profession-specific rules. Our firm will develop your privacy safeguards to ensure that you maintain standards to meet the Minimum Necessary requirements under the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

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