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At Jackson LLP, our healthcare attorneys work with occupational therapists to ensure compliance with federal and state healthcare laws, limit liability, and implement practice-wide policies and procedures. We have guided occupational therapists who are just opening a new practice through the start-up process, and we have also assisted providers with merging existing practices, selling or purchasing an existing practice, or closing a practice. Each of these options presents questions relating to patient privacy, transferring medical records, valuation of a healthcare practice, continuity of care, and termination of the patient relationship.

Our occupational therapy clients often have questions about their scope of practice and how it interplays with other professions’ practices — for example, how they are to distinguish between their work and the practice of physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, or athletic training. Jackson LLP has also helped multidisciplinary care teams determine creative ways to work together as differently-licensed providers, and we have similarly helped providers avoid noncompliant practice arrangements that violate their practice acts, self-referral laws, or fee-splitting prohibitions.

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