Guide your clients without stepping on toes.

Health coaches guide their clients through challenging and changing times, helping them to strengthen their physical, emotional, or spiritual selves. Perhaps you work closely with your clients to create yoga and nutrition programs that boost their energy, or you might create tailored eating plans that improve their sleep and stress.

Reflect on your business.

When the attorneys at Jackson LLP work with health coaches, we prompt our clients to examine their business practices. How do you communicate to your clients what services you offer and how you can help them? How do you stay apprised of the licensed professions whose scope of practice you should avoid? And how do you insulate yourself from liability? Some questions to help you reflect on these issues include:

  • Are your practice policies concerning privacy, the scope of your services, and payment congruent with any applicable laws?
  • Do your services avoid stepping on the toes of other licensed professionals like nutritionists, physical therapists, or medical doctors?
  • Do your clients understand the benefits, risks, and alternatives to your services? Stated otherwise, are you obtaining legally sufficient informed consent before entering into a relationship with them?

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Protect your business and your clients.

It’s crucial that your clients understand the scope of your work together. Without this understanding, they can’t provide true informed consent. We’ll help you craft coaching policies and procedures to:

  • Simplify the way you practice by implementing standardized, written policies.
  • Streamline your intake process through the use of personalized forms.
  • Obtain legally sufficient informed consent.
  • Avoid unlawful referral arrangements, kickback schemes, or payment agreements that violate state or federal law.
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