Guidance for nutritionists, dietitians, and others integrating nutrition into their practices

Addressing common scope of practice concerns

Our Chicago office works collaboratively with nutritionists and dietitians to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Illinois restricts the practice of nutrition to licensed dietitians and licensed nutritionists, with a few exceptions for other licensed healthcare professionals practicing within their scope of practice. We also work with retail pharmacies, health food businesses, supplement start-ups, and related businesses to ensure that their lawful activities do not run afoul of the scope of a licensed dietitian or nutritionist’s practice.

Whether you’re a licensed nutritionist or dietitian, or another type of healthcare provider looking to further integrate nutrition into your practice, the attorneys at Jackson LLP can help.

Integrating nutrition into your existing business or practice

It is common for physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and mental health practices to inquire about integrating nutrition services into their practices. While it’s important to first address whether such work falls within the provider’s scope of practice, many other issues also may arise:

  • Do fee-splitting prohibitions bar the proposed financial arrangement?
  • Are you qualified to oversee a nutritionist’s 900-hour supervision requirement? What liability and ethical concerns might such arrangements create?
  • Do referrals to your in-practice nutritionist or dietitian violate anti-kickback laws?
  • Are the nutrition services you want to offer within your scope of practice as a physical therapist, mental health counselor, pharmacist, or other licensed provider?

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