You’ve scheduled your free consultation with Jackson LLP.
What happens next?

Prepare for your call.

  • Open the confirmation email that you received when you scheduled your appointment. If you did not receive it, there are three possible reasons:
    1. The message landed in your spam folder
    2. Your email service blocked the email entirely
    3. There was a typo in the email that you entered into our scheduling system

If you cannot locate the confirmation email, please call our receptionist at (312) 985-6484 so that we can verify your booking.

  • Add the date to your calendar. Please double-check your availability and make sure that the time zones are correct. (If you self-scheduled online, the booking should be in your own time zone. If there’s any confusion, please get in touch with us to clarify.)
  • If your schedule changes, reschedule your appointment by using the link in the confirmation email.
  • We will call you at the scheduled time. If you are not available when we call, you will need to book another consultation via our scheduling tool and pay our standard consultation fee.
  • We encourage you to take the call in a quiet place where you have good reception and can speak frankly.
  • We set aside 15 minutes for your call.

Here’s how the call will be structured.

  • Learn about Jackson LLP, our working style, and our healthcare focus.
  • Answer questions about your business, concerns, and plans.
  • Get an overview of some of the legal services we suggest. For example: if you’re opening a practice, the scope of work might include a HIPAA compliance plan, fraud and abuse policy, LLC or corporation, and some contracts.
  • Within two business days following the call, we will send you a work plan summarizing our recommendations. The work plan will include the fees for these legal services.
  • If you’re interested in moving forward, we’ll send you an engagement agreement (you can sign electronically) and a deposit request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you answer my specific questions during this call?

The primary goal of this call is to allow us to get acquainted. We have decided not to charge our potential clients for these consultations because we want you to be comfortable that we’re the right fit for you before moving forward. We will also tell you if we believe another attorney would be better positioned to help you and why that might be.

During the call, can you tell me how much the services I need will cost?

We do not typically provide quotes over the phone. After our call, we will send you a written work plan that includes the pricing. This not only helps prevent misunderstandings but also allows us to assess the scope of your project and the time required with more accuracy.

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