About our pro bono and low bono legal services for military families and students:

Jackson LLP’s healthcare attorneys are committed to providing pro bono and “low bono” legal services to Chicago clients in need. Primarily, our firm devotes its pro bono hours to veterans, retired military members, and active duty or retired military spouses. For these clients, we provide our practice start-up services at no cost. To read more about Jackson LLP’s military client program, click here.

Occasionally, our pro and low bono clients also include students in financial distress who ask for advice when negotiating a new employment contract. For these clients, we often establish an affordable low bono rate, which allows us to continue dedicating all of our pro bono hours to those who have served in the military. To learn more about these services, please email us at hello@jacksonllp.com or schedule a free attorney consultation.

A note to those who have been injured by a healthcare provider:

We do not undertake cases that exceed our areas of experience, even for pro bono clients. For this reason, we are unable to represent injured patients in medical malpractice claims, housing or employment discrimination cases, or HIPAA violation complaints. If you need an attorney to represent you because you have been harmed in some way, you likely need a “plaintiff’s attorney.” To find an attorney, you can call the Chicago Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at (312) 554-2001. Please be aware that these types of cases may have statutorily-imposed time limits for when they can be filed (called statutes of limitation), so time is of the essence.

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