5 Most Popular Jackson LLP Blogs of 2019

Did you miss any Jackson LLP blogs this year? Here’s a countdown of the five legal tips and updates that your peers searched for, visited, shared, and commented upon most in 2019

#5: Celebrity HIPAA Violations: Lessons from the Jussie Smollett Incident

When healthcare providers gain access to celebrities’ medical records, HIPAA violations become newsworthy. CBS Chicago interviewed Erin Jackson of Jackson LLP to understand the actions of a hospital following a high-profile breach.

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Erin Jackson and Mai Martinez on CBS 2

#4: The Intersection Between Non-Solicitation and Patient Abandonment

Employment contracts often seek to prevent healthcare professionals from soliciting patients to continue treatment at a new location, raising concerns about patient abandonment. In this situation, what are your rights and responsibilities?


#3: Marijuana and the Workplace: 7 Things for Illinois Employers to Know

Learn how the Illinois law legalizing recreational cannabis will apply to employees in your healthcare practice.


#2: Cash-Pay Physical Therapy: Ensuring Compliance with the Medicare Mandatory Claims Submission Rule

Just because you don’t accept Medicare at your physical therapy practice doesn’t mean that you’re not subject to some of its rules. Understand the Medicare Mandatory Claim Submission Rule and its implications for a cash PT practice.


Cash-Based Physical Therapy and Mandatory Submissions Rule

#1: Full Practice Authority Licenses Available for Illinois Advanced Practice Nurses

Qualified Illinois nurses can now apply for APRN-FPA licenses. We break down the eligibility, requirements, cost, and process for obtaining the new license so that you can perform more services with greater independence.


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