Legal update: Insurance coverage for telehealth

Where I live in Chicago, the population density is about 10,000 people per square mile.  Generally, if an area has less than 1,000 people per square mile, it’s considered to be a “rural area.”  Before this spring, private insurance plans in Arizona were only required to cover telehealth services rendered to those living in rural areas.  But as of May 17th, they’re required to cover telehealth services statewide.

The new Arizona law, S.B. 1363 provides:

The new law removed the red-lined phrase, requiring coverage for telehealth services regardless of the patient’s locale.

Curious about the status of telehealth in your state?

American Telemedicine Association

Center for Connected Health Policy

If you’re looking to expand your telehealth services but aren’t sure how to navigate the details, reach out to Erin:

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