5 Most Popular Jackson LLP Blogs of 2021

Did you miss any Jackson LLP blogs this year? Here’s a countdown of the five articles that your peers searched for, visited, shared, and commented upon most in 2021.

#5 – How to Respond to a Subpoena: Tips for Healthcare Practices

How can healthcare professionals appropriately respond to subpoenas? We discuss the factors that you need to consider before taking action.

#4 – The OpenNotes Rule Against Information Blocking: What Healthcare Practices Need to Know

A new federal rule prohibits information blocking, giving patients full, immediate access to their electronic health data. What does this mean for your practice?

#3 – Non-Competition Clauses and the Rise of Telehealth

Thanks to telemedicine, healthcare providers’ geographic scopes have expanded and become less defined. What are the implications for non-competition agreements?

#2 – “Don’t Tell My Mom”: A Guide to HIPAA Compliance for Minor Patients

What are your obligations to disclose or withhold your minor patients’ sensitive health information?

#1 – Did President Biden Just Outlaw Non-Compete Clauses?

President Biden signed an executive order calling for a ban or limits on non-competition agreements in employment contracts. Does this void existing non-competes?

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