Erin Jackson discusses her entrepreneur journey & passions in interview with A Chronic Entrepreneur

Partner Erin Jackson, a survivor of chronic pelvic pain, frequently speaks with media outlets in her capacity as an advocate for those with pain. She even runs a nonprofit pelvic pain awareness organization, Inspire Santé. But what’s that got to do with the law? Well… everything!

In this new interview with A Chronic Entrepreneur, Erin explores the ways in which her pain is ultimately responsible for the birth of Jackson LLP. It’s a fascinating and inspiring conversation with nuggets of wisdom for everyone — and a dash of Erin’s characteristic humor thrown in.

Here’s just a peek into this incredible conversation about how the entrepreneurial spirit may run particularly strong in those who have battled chronic illness — an experience that can reshape and clarify your priorities and passions, and refocus your goals. When we help one of our clients open a new practice or begin a new venture, we always start by asking why do you want to do this?

This interview explores Erin’s why and gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Jackson LLP’s beginnings.

“I worked briefly as an attorney for a fancy law firm before deciding to open my own firm. Informed by my experience in the healthcare community, my husband and I founded Jackson LLP: Healthcare Lawyers. We’re an entrepreneurial law firm in every sense of the word – we’re self-starters who work from co-working spaces in Chicago, Evanston, and Madison. We work with smaller healthcare businesses to improve the experiences of their patients and simplify their regulatory compliance. It’s awesome work, and it creates a great synergy with my non-profit.”

Read the full interview by clicking here!

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